Im confused please help


19. Review: Built in functions

Oops, try again. It looks like you have a TypeError. Make sure your function should only take one input. (Or check the error message for more info.) - bad operand type for abs(): 'function'

I"m confused how to set up the function properly and give it only 1 input

def distance_from_zero(hello):
    if type(hello) == int or type(hello):
        return abs(distance_from_zero)


Specify the 2nd type after the 'or' keyword.
Is this what you are looking for:
if type(hello) == int or type(hello) == float:


on the right side of your or operator you should check if type is a float, then you should return the abs value of hello, not of the function


i got it hanks i needed to put my argument in the abs command not the function name



this need to have more than 20 characters