I'm confused...I need help!


I don't understand what it's telling me to do - I could eaisly cheat and put "True" or "False" but I wouldn't understand this topic when I need it in the future.

I'm new to coding, I don't know if this forum is going to link what lesson I'm on, so I'l just tell you. I'm stuck on lesson 9: "This and That (or This, But Not That!)" And I don't understand any of it.


lets do bool_one together. For bool_one the instructions give use the following condition:

False or not True and True

you have to now evaluate if this condition is True or False, if True, set bool_one to true:

bool_one = True

otherwise set to False

I will help you, the first one is False.

Why? lets look at the right side of the or operator first:

not True and True

not True and True is False. Does that make sense?

so then we have:

False or False

which is False. So bool_one is False


How does "not True and True" equal false?
And how do you know what operation to look at first (not, and, or)?

Did you get "False or False" by replacing "not True and True" with "False" in the operation "False or not True and True"? Wow...I'm bad at explaining lol sorry


well not True is false, so False and True is False (you learned this here)

the order is in the information of the exercise?

yep, that is what exactly what i did :slight_smile:


YES! Thank you so much, I understand it now. I'll have to keep these notes lol

(I said "YES" because I got all the booleans correct my first try after reading your reply)

Just to clarify, if there's two "nots" (not not) Does it cancel it's self out? So "not false" would be true, but "not not false" would be false?


well done :slight_smile:

well, one simply way to find out isn't there?

print not not False

they cancel each other out indeed


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