I'm completely new to coding - I need help

I know pretty much nothing when it comes to coding as of now.
What language should I learn first? I’d like to go into a game development course at uni when I’m older, if that helps. I’d like something easy to understand that will be useful to me in school and at uni.
Thanks for your help in advance :slight_smile:

I personally say do some Ruby or Python.
I pitch Why’s guide a lot as an intro to programming
Why’s Poignant guide

Ruby is high-level and reads a lot like a human native language. It makes it easy to get some of those core concepts down.
After you’ve gotten your feet wet there, try out some Javascript. You will notice differences and similarities. Your first language will take a lot of work, it gets easier every time after. (mostly)

The important part is that you practice, there is no “12 step guide”. You will get discouraged along the way. Keep your head up and remember how far you’ve come everyday.
Little by little everyday, you will get better.

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