I'm brand new at coding

I have never coded before. Right now I am using a phone. I don’t have much money. I started the game development introduction course on codecademy and am 50% through it on day 2. I am looking for a mentor to help guide me.

Do you have Godot? That is the only engine that I can help you with. Refer to the Godot Docs for the coding documentation. I will use this thread if you need help.

Thank you I was just reading about Godot yesterday. At first I heard about Unity. I don’t have a laptop yet and have minimal funds, so I read that Godot requires less RAM and other things I am not so familiar with such as SSD and the graphics card. So it seems that GoDOt would be better for me to learn, as I can run it on a much cheaper laptop? But I am still at the begining, can I go straight to Godot or do I need C or java first? Thanks again

I saw gdot has it’s own language gdscript?

We don’t have mentors here. But we do have quite a resourceful community of knowledgeable people who can help with coding questions or with debugging code.

There’s also an entire repository of topics here that are useful for when you get stuck.

It does have it’s own language. :slightly_smiling_face: