I'm being followed


There's a cake emoji next to my name. It only appears on the forums. I think it's chocolate cake with chocolate frosting and strawberry filling :cake:.
It looks delicious. Does anyone know why this cake is following me? Please help.


It is the anniversary of your join date (forums).


Will it disappear after tonight?


One would expect so, yes.


Maybe if you blow on it and make a wish, it'll disappear?

Otherwise, if you're not going to eat it, I'll have it :slight_smile:


When I saw this I burst out laughing because I was thinking Biff was getting stocked like by an actual person online and I was like well that is awful and then its a cake emoji hahaha


@mindful_coder darn, it didn't occur to me to make a wish. Next time, I'll wish for a cake to follow you. :grin:

@bibleman13 emoji or not, I miss it :laughing:


I love how you give us a wonderful description of your stalker :joy: , and (a late) congratulations on your anniversary of the forum!


Thanks :smile: wouldn't have minded keeping the stalker around after knowing what it meant


:joy: this is hilarious! you guys :joy: (even though I'm 7 months late to join in the fun)