I'm back, so what next?

My boss just agreed to me doing another year on Codecademy Pro!

In my first year, alongside a full time job managing a website and doing comms, I completed exactly half the web development path (stopped somewhere in intermediate javascript) and then the php course. As a result, I’m able to make helpful little changes to the big complex website I manage (mostly css, so far) and try out my own little projects. Honestly, a few minutes of Codecademy every day has been the thing that’s got me through working from home. I’m really excited to be back after a few weeks without it!

Over the next year we’re looking at a developing a custom app for our charity. I don’t know yet whether I could develop the skills to do some or all of this myself, or whether that makes sense.

I know the courses and career paths shuffled a bit recently, but my web development course still seems to be there. I’m wondering whether to carry on with that, or whether I should look at something more focussed, if my goal is to get a sense of what designing a mobile app from scratch would look like. I’d love to hear suggestions if you have them!


When building a mobile application, the first question should be: I am going to develop native applications or going for a hybrid solution?

if you are going native (java or kotlin for android, swift for ios), you get two code-bases/projects. Which is more work

if you decide to go hybrid (one code base), you need to decide what to use, there are several options. If you already know html, css and JS a good option would be react native. so then after Javascript, learn react, after react, learn react native.

php can also be useful to the API for your mobile application.

There are a lot of options and possibilities.


Thank you @stetim94 that’s a helpful starting point.