I'm a trader looking to build my own algos

I’m a pro options trader and have paid a programmer to write my algos for a decade. I’d like to be able to do some of it myself, or at least understand it better. I have script templates and a Script API guide that the platform i trade on gives its customers who want to make their own scripts. Unfortunately i’m beyond a beginner with this. The only useful info i got is that if i get proficient in C++ it would go a long way to learning this, so that’s what i’m going to do. Is anyone else brand new who want to talk about how things are going? I’d love to go thru this stuff with someone. Hope to hear from people soon. Here goes!!!


Hi, I am in the same boat. totally brand new. I have read Python is a good start as it’s easier to learn, loads of libraries to pull from, a downside is it’s slow; then switching your code to C++ from python to run your algos. I have heard C++ is definitely where you want to be end game though. My path is currently all over the place and I’m getting discouraged. How is it going for you friend?

Yeah same here. I’m currently in “code foundations” because choosing where to start had me biting my fingernails off. I felt i was for sure going to accidentally do something for 3 weeks and find out it was meaningless. I figured i would do 1 or 2 of these basic ones then hop right into the beginner python one maybe. I do think i chose an appropriate course because its all vaguely familiar but definitely teaching me things. If you’re doing the same maybe i’ll just join whichever you pick next and try to keep up. If nothing else it’ll bring motivation. I literally just paid my programmer low 5 figures for 2 more direct action algos and a few alterations to old ones so for now i’m motivated. Ha. Lets try to keep it going together.

Hi, did either of you get any feed back on what route to pursue for algo trading? I’m looking to start off with algo backtesting my own systems to optimise, and may venture into live algo trading - but i’m at a loss of where to start, which language to use, and what course pathway to commit to. Cheers!