I'm a quarter way through a lesson. Will chosing a career path reset my progress?

Edit: I realize i might have made things unclear, by lesson, i mean the whole intro to javascript course not just an individual module.

Tried the seven day free trail and I’m sold. I’d like to take advantage of codecademie’s career path feature, specificly the web developer one, but I’d hate to lose my progress on my javascript lesson. I mean it’s not too big a deal i could breeze through it, but i’d hate to lose any badges I’ve gained (i know its silly but i kinda take pride in those simple little things :P).

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Nope! Don’t worry, the lessons from the course are in the career paths and will be shown as completed and you won’t have to redo them

As you can see here, I’ve done a lot of random lessons here and there as part of one whole course originally.


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