Igor *Starsky* Zvezdilin Portfolio Project

Thanks for visit my topic about portfolio website!
Please, give me a rewiew!

  • My review of the Project. Was it easy, difficult, just right?
    It was very interesting project and i`ve really enjoyed to creating this.
    For me creating a website sceleton using HTML 5 was just right, because i create the structure which i as understand as it possible.

The design development was easy for me, but sometimes i get confused into positioning elements on webside and get confused with sizes of the block of the element. Sometimes i getting lost in gadget sizes in devtools and this circumstance do my work a few harder. It was easy for me to using JavaScript on the buttons and working with form, but i don`t have enough practice with it and sometimes make really foolish mistakes, so i continue practice and i confident that my hard skills become better.

Working with canvas and mouse event was difficult for me, because i meet this in the first time and i spend a lot of the time to study and implement this elements in the project.

Creating a portfolio tooks for a week for aight hours in a day.

  • The link to your code repo
    Repo is here

I hope you enjoyed my project!