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Any help with this would be appreciated - confused with: SyntaxError: expected expression, got keyword 'else' Thanks in advance...

var user = prompt("What do you want to do today? Go to the MALL, MOVIES or MCDONALDS for a burger?").toUpperCase();

switch (user){
case 'MALL':
var money = prompt ("Sounds good, have you any money (YES or NO)?").toUpperCase();
var enough = prompt("Enough for some socks?").toUpperCase();
if (money === 'YES' || enough === 'YES'){
console.log(" You definatley need new ones");{

        else {
            console.log("No money means, no new socks!!!");
        } break;

case 'MOVIES':
var watch = prompt("Any idea what you want to see (YES or NO)?").toUpperCase();        
var ideas = prompt ("How about the film Fury?").toUpperCase();
if (watch === 'YES' || ideas === 'YES'){
    console.log ("Fury it is then"); {

        else {
            console.log("Its crap anyway");
        }    break;

        console.log("It was a way to spend the day");


i say delete this topic or mark it as solved...


Advice on deleting? Can't see it anywhere (feel like a dumbass considering its coding lessons and I can't find the delete button)


nope press the two dots on the bottom of your post and you will see a recycle bin button...


Yea - you would think.... Doesn't exist for me...


XD how do you take a picture like that and post it so fast???


Screen shot it - open in preview, copy it, paste it into text box :ok_hand:


which button on keyboard???


On a Mac its "Command with Shift and Number 4.
You get cross-hairs.
Click and draw the size of the image you want and then save where you want (I.e desktop)

No idea on a PC? (Printscreen and paste into Paint i think???)


thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


figured it out and yes it is printscreen and ctrl v into paint.