If your a bartner><server>Nerd computer sciece, web developemt person>? How can we have two jobs, maintain and learn another>?

I am honestly upset
writers in this program can, and will approach your for code or take the code you write as a student

i will always hand write my code, i have sent it in, ive been part of this prgram for more or less four years…

i have a certificate in HTML= plus, 'not the aim

CONTANCT me for a refund

I am due sa lot, as far as Titan, odan, adobe, lukas, nantacm i choose codecademy
i paid this “school” 0r company…
if youd like someone to write new code than maybe should pay me too keep people in this
after 3 years of code changing
I am not one for cussing
… after this year, no more satian

Sorry to hear that… :frowning: though, I’m struggling to follow the rest of your post so I don’t know quite what it is that you’re upset about?

If you’re having issues with billing… you’ll need to contact Codecademy by opening a ticket here.

(Sorry if I’ve misunderstood what you were after!)

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Hi Camilla,

Does the post above help address your question? If not, could you please clarify what you meant so that we can better assist?

Thanks! :slight_smile: