If you run my Ruby code

So. to be clear. I need to look up docs which say how to store the date locally, and if I want to share the program it has to store it in the cloud ?

If you want permanent storage, yes, you need to look up how to store things locally, on separate files. As for the cloud, that is the only way I know, but I could be wrong there, as I haven’t looked into that side of things very much.

If I share the program, do they need local or cloud storage ?

You should share all of the files, and therefore they would need to either download the files and store them locally, or use the cloud.

Ok thanks. catch you later

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One last question. is it a “just in time compiler” jit ?

Hello, sorry I didn’t get back sooner. If you are running Ruby 2.6+, then yes, I believe it might be a jit, however, I don’t really know (I imagine it should be easy to Google).
Sorry I couldn’t help more!