If you could do anything

Hey y’all!

In an exciting new milestone for Codecademy, I’m proud to share our first ever TV commercial, inspired by many of the stories your fellow learners have shared right here in the community.

Check it out!

I hope this continues to inspire you to unlock your full potential and continue your learning journey. Keep up the amazing work!

Well done CodeCademy, TV Commercial is on fire!!
I am active subscriber since 2020, closing the gap to my first 100 certificates, a working father with two lovely kids, always eager to learn, Codecademy offers high quality courses that continuously getting new material with new ideas, concepts and techniques, adapting every day in a rapidly changing era of technology, there is no better way to stay in top shape with cutting edge knowledge, a solid solution with a variety of choices to pick and start your new daily habit that will transform you, in a better version of you. Here is my LinkedIn profile, connect with me to celebrate together my first post, when I reach my first 100 certificates.!!! (at 91 and going up!!)


So, if you want to have a career as a Web Programmer, you have to understand programming languages, at least you have to master the programming languages ​​that are often used.


:fire: Wow!
Great work Codecademy Team

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COgrats! hehe! This is the add I saw that helped me find your school!


This commercial gives me chills…I love everything about it! I see so much of myself in it.

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I want to become an ethical hacker to stop bad hackers from stealing peoples information but i have to get pro to take the course so I’m reading about how to I might get pro sometime depends.

Amazing spot! Congratulations!

This is such a great advert, and it needs to be more widespread. To be honest, there should be more adverts like these (especially ones that show a diverse range of people, so that different types of people feel seen and know that it’s something they can do as well) that encourage people to learn new skills that they wouldn’t have otherwise known or felt “qualified” to do, instead of adverts that focus on consumerism all the time, especially here in the UK where there’s too much demand and not enough supply/folks who know how to fill the gap with their skills.

Good Going CodeCademy just saw your post .

What an amazing achievement Mr Kommas!
You give me inspiration to stay committed in learning on Codecademy.
I’m sure you will reach 100 certificates soon.