If you are only seeing raw values read this!

Working on the Bolt Network project I was having some issues with displaying the data from the controller. I double checked everything and read the forums, but nothing helped. Eventually I had to contact an advisor and we solved the problem right away.

If you are only seeing raw values like {{ program.series }} then make sure that in your view (index.html) you are referencing actual values that exist. If you reference one that does not exist it is enough to break the whole view, meaning all of the values will show {{ example }} instead of real ones.

For example:

{{ program.seriess }} that one extra ‘s’ is enough to break the whole view.

Double check your spelling and make sure you are referencing things that exist in the controller. Also, filtering the date is another area that can break the view. Make sure you are using correct syntax like {{ program.datetime | date:‘EEEE’ }} for the weekday.


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