If true = 1 in script why isn't this accepted


... Already explained in the title. Simple question (Well I hope it is :wink:)

var understand = true;

while(understand === 1) {
	console.log("I'm learning while loops!");
	understand = false;


In this situation, true does not directly translate to 1. They are both literal.

We don't need a comparison since understand is already a boolean.

while (understand) {


If you don't want false to echo to the screen, switch the two lines around and set understand before logging the output.

    understand = false
    console.log( ... )

Have you learned about logical operators yet? There is another way to write the assignment... toggle the boolean:

understand = !understand

Ignore this if you haven't covered the ! (NOT) operator, yet. It will come up shortly.


Thanks on both occasions (you helped me on 2 posts). Eh I haven't learn about "logical operators" yet, but I was reading a bit of the glossary for java-script and came across something along the lines that made me put "! = opposite value" in a set of notes. Sounds like there's a section for it so I won't stress about the exact meaning yet!


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