If statement


Can anyone help me with this?

Please someone help me with if statement

I would follow like the first couple of answers were saying in the forum post where you came from in that I would try your code on a different browser or computer or clear your browser because everything looks right. For some reason or another some codes pass on one browser and some won't.


Please, post your code not an image. Because it's better (easier) for testing.


well if the image has his code in it like it does I believe it is fine. Now it would be better to have an image of the whole code in this case so for future reference I would do that @Imreno but i don't see any problem with the image. If need be you can copy everything straight from the image through manually typing it out like I did.


Of course, it's fine. In my practice I always copy code to browser console which shows where the problem is. In this case I looked to the image and didn't find where is the problem. That's why I asked to post all code because everything looks right.


Ah ok gotcha! Yeah I was going to ask the same thing if the guy ever responded back and what I suggested didn't work out. But I understand now :thumbsup:


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