If HTML were a tree


According to the lesson, its branches would be < head > and < body > , but the quiz doesn’t have those answers. It has < !DOCTYPE html > and < head > , < head > and < title > , and a couple others that are closer to “twigs” going by the tree structure. Are we supposed to put a seemingly incorrect answer to get the answer right?


In the lesson it is mentioned [quote=“ajaxslayer72965_507b, post:1, topic:36227”]
< !DOCTYPE html > and < head > , < head > and < title >

<!DOCTYPE html>
     <title> </title>


This is what the structure looks like ^


Yes, but in the same lesson it specifically mentions that head and body are the branches. It’s not a matter of what the structure looks like, just whether it is asking for sibling branches or not, as mentioned in the lesson text.


So, you are stuck at a quizz question? Could you upload a screenshot of the quizz question + answer so we can have a look?


It’s not stuck. I just happened to get that question wrong since the text points out head and body as branches, while the question answers only used head OR body with another option. I’ve since moved on.


Well, we need to the exact question + possible answer to determine what the right answer is, and then i can also explain why it is the right answer, i can’t do this without knowing the exact question, and exact possible answers


Doesn’t a tree start from the roots, or base, then thin out toward the top?

This isn’t correct HTML, but may work as a visual demonstration.

<title> <meta>      <table> <ol>        //Twigs
    <head>             <body>          //Branches
              <html>                  //Base
         <!DOCTYPE html>             //Roots

Then you could have <p> and other tags as “leaves”.

As you see, these things are all part of a bigger “tree”, but some aren’t as large a part as others.


Yeah, that was my thoughts exactly, but the question in the quiz doesn’t ‘think’ that way.


Why not?

I don’t see any difference?

Everything is interconnected.


Because at least one of the tags in each pair was, to use your example, a twig/leaf rather than a branch. You would have pairs of head and title or some such, but the way I understood it, it was asking for sibling-level branches (head and body, heading tags, etc.), things that would be on the same level of indent in the code. It seems like an unclear question, but since I’ve finished the quiz and passed, I won’t be going back to get a screenshot.


Best thing to do next time be is contact an adviser as they are in charge of pro support :slight_smile: