If/else statements


Hi, i have ust completely forgot how to make if/else statements.... i need YOUR help :slight_smile:


no errors, i just need your help :slight_smile:


Hi can you post your code?


i dont have a code... as i said, i only need help with how to write an if ellse statement.


you do it like that

if (condition) {
    #Do something
else {
    #Do something


if ("school") {
else {

am i stupid or something? xDDD




this line

if ("school")

a string can't be a condition a conbdition could be

if (2 < 6)

depend on what they aske you ro do and your




the intrution says..
02. The only instruction is that the result of evaluating the statement is a log to the console of "I finished my first course!".


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