If else statements within Classes


Managers for Widget Co. get promoted when they get more employees, and get a bonus when they fire employees.

create a class ProgressiveManager that extends Manager. A Progressive Manager has all of the same properties as a manager with the following additional properties:

- title - default 'Not a manager'

- bonus - default 0

When employees are hired or fired, the manager’s title should be updated based on the number of reports.

0 reports : Not a manager

1-3 reports : Barely Manager

4-10 reports : Mostly Manager

11-50 reports : Manager

51-100 reports : Manager Plus

101+ reports : Bestest Manager

Everytime they fire an employee they get $100 added to their bonus.

Call your new class ProgressiveManager


//Code Here

class ProgressiveManager extends Manager {

constructor(first_name, last_name, email, age, reports, title, bonus){

super(first_name, last_name, email, age, reports);

this.title = title;

this.bonus = 0;


if (this.reports = 0){

return this.title = 'Not a manager';

}else if (this.reports <= 3){

return this.title = 'Barely Manager';

}else if (this.reports <= 10)



I am not quite figuring this out.

We cannot (would not) run inline code in a class definition, but we can call its methods during instantiation. See if that hint helps.