If/else not working properly


Hey, folks.

I’m working on exercises 3-5 & it lets me pass the levels, but something isn’t right. It’s ignoring the .isalpha and also the Else, which keeps printing “empty”, even when the If condition is True.

What am I doing wrong? Thanks for any help.!



Please help us to help you by posting,

  1. A link to the exercise;
  2. Your complete code;
  3. Any error messages.


Oops, apologies.

Here’s the complete screen, with error message.

The exercise is at

It allows me to hit Next to move to the next exercise despite the error(s), as did the previous exercise despite the issue with it printing both the If & Else outcomes.


The SCT is not exhaustive and may have let the error slip under the radar.

Remove the line after the input so original doesn’t print before the if statement.


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