If else exercise help

Hello. I am stuck at this exercise and I really need help.

“Take the if statement you created and add an else statement. Inside the code block of the else statement, console.log() a string.”

  1. var weather = ‘rainy’;
  2. var isHappy = true;
  3. if (weather === ‘rainy’ && isHappy === true) {console.log(‘I am singing in the rain, singing in the rain!’);} else {console.log();}

the output is:

Code is incorrect
Make sure you are printing the expected string

What am I supposed to write after the else statement? Help pleaseeeee

Hello, @yocanafeijo345477112, and welcome to the forums.

Difficult to say what the exact issue is without a link to the exercise, but make sure your printed string is exactly the same as what is asked for in the instructions.

Hi @yocanafeijo345477112

Your logic in this exercise is correct, however you need to specify strings with either; single quotes ( ’ ’ ), double quotes ( " " ) , or backticks ( ).

What you used were quotation marks.

var weather = 'rainy';
var isHappy = true;
if (weather === 'rainy' && isHappy === true) {
  console.log('I am singing in the rain, singing in the rain!');
  } else {

This is exactly the same code logic, just changed the marks to single quotes. I hope this helped!
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