If Else Code Help for a Student

I got most of the code. Can’t seem to get everything. The ones I am getting wrong are on the left of the picture in red.

You are not adding an ‘s’ on all the standard cases of pluralizing the noun. Your code currently only checks for the edge cases. You could put another if statement within your current block at the end to check if the last letter is not an ‘s’, and if it is not, then add the ‘s’ to the word.

I had this included in the if block:
result += ‘s’

This worked fine for regular verbs (verbs that don’t end in the letters mentioned in my code).

When I had that in the block, the ‘f’ didn’t change to ‘ves’ and the ‘o’ didn’t change to ‘oes’

I will try your suggestion.
I appreciate you, 1moregame.