I just wanted to make a topic and ask about IDEs and what kind of compilers everybody uses. There is a poll here, but I wanted to know why, and also discuss comparisons and files and all sorts of fun stuff! :slight_smile:
I guess some example questions are just what text editor do you use, why do you like it, what computer do you run it on, was it free, what language you use with it, and anything else you would like to add. :slight_smile:
Personally, I use jGRASP the most for Java, but you can also use it for these:

I actually don’t program in any of those languages besides Python, and I haven’t tried it with python yet, so I don’t know about it. It was free, and I really like it for Java. Other than that, I use terminal based sometimes with plain text files saved as .py or .java, but I’m not as good with terminal. :slight_smile:

Vim takes a large amount of learning and configuring, nothing is obvious at first.
But it’s free (as in freedom and cost), runs on most devices and is suitable for all languages.
Most keys on the keyboard are a command that does an action or a movement (actions and movements can be combined so that the action is applied from current location to the movement location) and this eliminates both need and want for using a mouse. It’s configured through its own language called vimscript so if one wants something to be different then it’s probably possible to write the code for that change in behaviour. Being a popular editor with a lot of developers means that there are many plugins available, I’m using about five dozen of them for autocompletion, file management, syntax highlighting, various additional editing commands, interaction with outside programs. One of the plugins is for installing/updating plugins.

I definitely spend more time playing with it than it saves me time over other editors.

A whole lot of other command-line tools are also used, there’s no reason to cram all development into the editor. Notably building things is left to Make or other tools/scripts, which is something IDE’s often like to take charge of.