Identifying Rotten Strawberries

Why am I getting 417?

//You have 500 good strawberries, indexed from 1 to 500
var goodStrawberries = 500;

//For every strawberry whose index is divisible
//by 5, decrement the value of goodStrawberries by 1
for (var i = 0; i < goodStrawberries; i++){
if(i % 5 === 0){

And why is it referring me to glossary to learn about for loops when glossary is a totally blank page?

Please post a link to the exact exercise. Thanks.

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Ok I figured it out, but dang what a frustrating experience.

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Could still use a link so we can investigate that blank page you speak of.

Was the problem related to starting on 0? 0 % 5 === 0.

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No the problem was that I was getting 416 instead of 400 because of decrementing the variable every iteration. this is the challenge and it doesn’t teach you about for loops at all, it just says to learn about them, go here and that page has nothing of value.


The above link points to a member profile. Here is the link to the glossary…

That is the link in the lesson page, so I don’t understand how the other link got in there.


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