IDE stopped working in Sals Shipping project

I noticed in “Sals Shipping” project that the IDE in the web page only show “save” and not “run” anymore. This keeps me from testing the code like it asks me to do in step 2.

Any ideas?



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It may be that you just need to hit the refresh button. (Do be sure that you’re code is backed up)

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“Save” and “Run” are the same thing.

I noticed they changed the button in some modules. It can be confusing.

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Ahh! Ok, that makes sense.

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If that’s the case then why is there no output from the IDE on the right pane when I hit “Save”? I’m using Safari, however it was working before till I got to the “project”.

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It’s very probable that you have some sort of error in your code. I think infinite loops can cause that with the IDE. Can you share your code? It’d be easier to tell this way. (remember to format it with the </> button).

def ground_shipping_cost(weight):
  if weight <= 2:
    cost ="$1.50"
  if weight <= 6:
    cost = "$3.00"
  if weight <= 10:
    cost = "$4.00"
  if weight > 10:
    cost = "4.75"


  weight = 8.4


Check the indentation of these lines:

You may also have to enter a command into the terminal/IDE, which will then run the code you’ve written.

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You’re going to re-use the function, so you also don’t want to have the weight variable defined in the function itself.

When you call the function you can pass through any weight argument (in the empty parameter “weight”):



Thanks this cleared up some things!

As far as the Website flow is concerned. It appears this is by design to not allow the user during a “project” or test to figure out the code with feedback from the Web page IDE. You also have to click the boxes instead of the Website code doing it for you when you make the right changes to the code. Anyone from Codecadamy Support that can confirm if this is by design on the “Projects” ?

Scratch that last comment. I reset the project with the “reset” button and pasted in my code from my sublime text editor where I got the code to work. Now its printing correctly.