IDE of Java


Dear forum,
I just finished Learning Java course, but now I don't know what to do next. How can I start a program in Java? Where to find and install the IDE? I would like a course that explain step-to-step how to install and use tha IDE to creat program with windows, bottons and so on.
Can anybody help me?


Go to the netbeans site on Oracle and read the instructions. It's very easy.
Besides netbeans you have other options. Do some research on the WWW.
BlueJay, Eclipse etc.


I am actually just like you, seeking what to do with my java skills. Though you may think you are done learning the fundamentals of Java but There is still one thing you need to learn about hat is pretty important which is Threads! It is kind of confusing to learn but is very important and common in Java. Plus for the Java writing program I recommend to you to use is Eclipse. And try to follow some programming tutorials which is very helpful, in my opinion. Good luck with programming!


Preference for IDE's change all the time, most suggest Eclipse. It's very versatile has awesome structure and good at importing libraries. Never had a problem with it, also its widely used so youll never be 'lost' while watching and following a tutorial.