IDE and programming errors

i downloaded an IDE and tried to program, but it kept saying my programming had errors or it did not accept the code written… i used many places to learn to code… but when i wrote the code into the Android Studio IDE… it states that most of the code was not correct.

any suggestions on a good IDE… i dont mind paying for one… just need a suggestion from people who program and i dont even mind a suggestion from people are new to programming or just learning to program.

I have tried Android Studio… and i liked Coding Playground from SoloLearn… but i couldnt seem to find Coding Playground on the web…

What made you choose Android Studio in the first place? If you are wanting to develop Android apps, then Android Studio is probably a good choice. Which programming languages are you trying to program in? I don’t use Android Studio, but I believe Android apps are written in either Kotlin or Java for the most part.

heard about android studio for developing android apps. im trying to learn a few languages…
html, javascript, eventually java, css, sql, and thats about it. most of the normal ones you might use to program webpages, websites, and interactive games.

A free, very versatile IDE you might consider is VS Code. It is very customizable, and includes tools for debugging, and running your code. It requires some effort to become familiar with how it all works, but it would probably suit your needs for now.

Does anyone know how to fix this error below on android studio?

Unable to load class ‘org.slf4j.LoggerFactory’.
This is an unexpected error. Please file a bug containing the idea.log file.