I'd really like to be able to reset individual chapters

I went ahead and bought the Pro version so I could have access to the additional stuff and be able to learn more. But I find that what I’d really like to see, is the ability to reset individual chapters. I know you can already reset individual exorcises, but that is a bit inconvenient if I want to go back and do the whole “control flow” chapter of Python. Or maybe I just want to reset the entire “Pig Latin” Section. But nothing else. I don’t want to reset ALL my progress, which you can do if you choose. But that wipes out the things that I’ve done, that I’m happy with and don’t really want to reset. But I do need to be able to go back and reset a whole topic, so that I can take it over and over again until I’m satisfied that I know it well enough to move on.

Currently I can’t see any way to do that. If someone knows how, I’d love to know what it is. Again you can do individual exorcises inside a chapter, but the way the site is made, that isn’t really helpful. The green check box on the far left that tells you when you got the answer right, remains lit up. It doesn’t go back to being empty. And then, when you complete it, you’d naturally want to go on to the next one in the exorcise. But, since the whole chapter wasn’t reset, now all your old code is still there along with the green check box. And sometimes, it has marked my answer correct, even though in the end, that code didn’t work out well for me.

So I really just need to be able to reset a whole chapter, with all exorcises in that chapter completely reset. Currently it looks to me like all you can do is just reset ALL progress. Which I have been doing. But its pretty inconvenient. You have to start all over, from the beginning, and do all of the previous chapters just to get back to the one that you want to repeat. If you want it to be fully reset. They’re locked, it won’t let you just pick up on the chapter you want.

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