I'd love feedback on my personal portfolio project

Hi, I love to hear any feedback on my personal portfolio project (front-end developer path).
I was a complete newbie to any form of coding before starting codecademy so the learning curve is steep. I’m working hard to remember all the concepts as I move on to new material.

You can view my portfolio at https://karenplimmerphotography.github.io/web-design/design.html

I’ve got a couple of personal projects (for dog-lovers and nutrition nuts) but I’ve included all my codecademy projects, in a fairly pure fashion, just to have a time-line of everything I’m learning.
The page is built to integrate with my pre-existing photography website so I didn’t choose new colours or fonts.

I need help with a custom font I’m using which is giving a flash of unstyled text. I moved it to a separate stylesheet placed near the top in ny HTML head but it hasn’t helped. Never going to choose a custom font again but I fell in love with that one.



Congrats on creating your site!
I like the color scheme. Really beautiful photography!!

I absolutely love your website - everything about it! And the font is perfect!
It resonates with me because I also love the colour block style that you have used.
I have to ask a question - did you create your colour palette from one of your photos? - that is my favourite thing to do as well when it comes to creating a colour palette for a website!
Well done!