Icons not showing on profile drop down

Summary of the report:
When you click your profile picture (on the main site) on the drop-down the icons do not show up.

Course URL:
My Home | Codecademy

Steps to Reproduce:
Click on your profile picture and on the drop-down you don’t see the icons.

Fix or Workaround:
None that I know of.


(From Chrome ^^)

I am on windows 10 and I tested this on Chrome.

Hm. I don’t think I ever had any icons. I checked on Chrome and Safari. (I’m on OS 11.6.3)

I remember for account/billing there was a gear and home the icon was a house. And this was as recently as like a month ago.

Ah, now I know what you’re referring to.
They probably updated it…when they updated the other stuff on one’s dashboard.(?)

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Mabey. Now that I’m clicking around more I realized the referrals for pro broke.

And I have no ad blocker so I know it’s not that so it might have happened when they updated all of this.

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I realized that the icons are shown on this project

Yep, I have the icons appear when I’m in the LE, not on my dashboard.
I think it’s built that way. :woman_shrugging:

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The icons are back on all pages.

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