Icanhaz function

My function looks fine :worried: but something is wrong, I wonder if someone could give a hint:

const icanhaz = () => {
  const name = true;
    return 'I can have cheezburger?';
  } else {
    return `I can have ${name}`;


Hello! Should you have a parameter in the function? If you want to use a parameter in code, the syntax looks something similar to this:

const someFunction(parameter) => {
//logs "hello" to the console.

How could you apply this to your function?

Hint if you're really stuck

Consider having your name variable as a parameter.

my function should have a string as parameter, and when its called with no parameters should return “I can haz cheezburger?” otherwise shoud return " I can have beefburger"

Indeed. So, how would you go about implementing this? Look at my above post to help you.