I wrote my first ever code for work!

I’ve been learning JavaScript for the past couple of weeks.

Today I wrote a Google Apps script that pulls information from survey results and automatically loads them into a google sheet every 24 hours, saving a ton of time! It wasn’t from scratch, I found an article explaining the google functions I had never heard of, but I still needed to use a lot of what I had learned about arrays and functions to adjust it to my situation and add some additional features (like pulling and formatting the date).

Appreciate that this isn’t very advanced stuff, but I’m stoked that it’s delivered something so useful, so quickly!


Congrats! That is a feeling, isn’t it! To work so long and hard in a field and see it come to life! Your work will be used by lots of people, directly and indirectly, Be Proud and may Your Journey be Fruitful for yourself and employer!


Congrats, that feeling is absolutely amazing, I agree, good luck in your work!


Good for you! I hope everything works out with your code!


Congratulations, that sounds awesome and also very inspiring.


Bravo! :clap:t4: :clap:t4: :partying_face:
It’s such a wholesome feeling when the work you’ve done has practical application to it, think two or three months ago you probably didn’t know how to do it, now you can shrug it off as “isn’t very advanced stuff”.
Just last Friday I finished a simple programme for work and it felt brilliant! I must say though that in the middle of my excitement I made a rookie mistake by telling my manager that I have freed up some time in my weekly schedule. Now he’s asked me to write MS Teams Etiquette Guidelines smh.
Again well done to you and keep going!


Congrats on your own code too - although it seems that no good deed goes unpunished, good luck with the etiqutte guide. (Have you ever heard of Debrett’s?)

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Hehe! I never knew that existed, I might invest in that soon :smiley:
How are you getting on with your learning?

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Hahaha, buyer beware: it’s written for the British upper classes.

Learning is going well, thanks. I’m about 25% of the way through he full-stack path after about a month. Currently cursing my way through CSS (“how has that ended up over THERE?!?”), but I’m getting the hang of it.
Next module is “making sites responsive with Javascript”, once I can do a bit of that it should start coming together.

How about you? What’s your background?

“Currently cursing my way through CSS” Oh mate I know the feeling, I’m wracking my brain over BeautifulSoup!
25% in a month, that’s quite quick, I’m about 35% after two months on the Data Science path the hold up was BeauitfulSoup! I had to start HTML just to understand what’s going on haha!
Hopefully once I’ve finished with the Data Science career path I can start applying what I’ve learned properly at work, since we work with a few local authorities around Somerset.
I’m both happy and mortified to say that I find it very interesting smh.

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Yeaahh - not much else for me to do at the moment! I was sorely tempted by the data science stuff. I’m always blown away by what the DS lot can do at my office.

It’s incredibly satisfying when it all clicks into place. I just finished the bit on adding JS to my site and it’s allowed me to make a few silly games that I’ve sent to my friends.

Awesome, can you share the link? I’ll have a go.

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For sure - it’s ugly as all ■■■■, but it works. It’s supposed to be a simple dice game: D20 Gambit

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it’s always a great joy to see our labors become reality. I’m still a new bie in programming but it’s something i have great passion for.