I wrote a House Hunter "game"

Here is a link to my GitHub: BRichar62/CodeCademy-Projects: Python3 Final Project (github.com)
I don’t know why it didn’t paste the URL the way it was copied from the address bar.
Anyway, it asks for input on family size, desired city and budget for a new house and tries to find a match from the inventory (which isn’t huge). After a few tries you should be able to “win’” a house.
The project took way longer than it should have. The programming was pretty straightforward, but using git and straightening out the mess I made of my GitHub repository was a challenge. I ended up getting a newer laptop so I could download the latest Bash version. My son performed some git debase voodoo on my repository to make it so I could push my final program. I feel like this is where most of the learning to place.


I think your repos are set to private.

Thanks for telling me. I fixed it.