I would like to set DreamWeaver with the same colors as Codecademy

Does someone can give me the hexadecimal color codes for me to re create the environment in Codecademy DreamWeaver?

thank you in advance if possible.

There are programs that can read the colors being displayed on the screen.
Might get more accurate results by zooming in.

I tested the programs to recover the colors, but the texts are too small, again, I do not yet know the different categories given DreamWeather as “script tag ColdFusion”

But thank you, I’ll do what I can!

Doesn’t zooming make the letters wide enough to provide accurate colors?

No, it’s very complicated, the color coincides with the background and others.

I feel like I’m able to get the colours of text in the editors, isn’t there plenty of “solid” colour here?


What am I missing?

Letters to the editor are too small, even by zooming in on the image, I can get color but in the editor, it does not work: /

I’m REALLY not seeing what’s preventing you from getting the color, aren’t there huge fields of the colour in the image I posted? All it takes is one pixel of the right colour

The colour can also be found by inspecting the elements in your browser (and yes, I get the same results both ways)

It’s possible with your image, not in editor, not work.

The image is just a screenshot from zooming in the browser. That is the size that my browser was showing.

If you try to zoom in on an image that doesn’t contain the data you are looking for, then that won’t help.

So zoom in the browser, or inspect the elements and get it that way