I was told to post this. Tarot deck

I was told to post this for review. but my code is a complete mess as to finish it would be quite an undertaking that I plan to finish much much later. it is primarily a proof of concept with only the past of one card being “fully realized”.

We hope you enjoyed this project!

P.S. there are 20 cards with 6 ways they can be interpreted which means I have 120 lines of code to still write. but this is a functioning and very humble start


Hey there!

This sounds like a super cool project. The link doesn’t appear to be working, though. Any chance you could update with a working one?

it might be working now. won’t be a live feed as I update it anymore though

I guess there’s a limit on edits?
newer link

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it’s fully functional and cleaner. but most interpretations are still not in it. sorry

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This looks fun!
You haven’t called the function yet, you have only declared it. And you may need to add parameters to your function declaration so that the function is directed to take the objects (the card variables) you have declared. I can break this answer down more if it is hard to understand.

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I called it at the end of my last commit which I just fixed the link to show. I left it uncalled so I could more easily test. (in hindsight it was actually a harder way to test).
but the function works without needing the deck to be a parameter

it occurs to me that in it’s current state you can get the same card more than once. which is normally not allowed. and while I can fix this in Javascript I can think of an easier more efficient fix in Python. so I’ll just copy it over to that someday.