I was just wondering


that on Windows, typing a HTML code on Notepad, click Save As… then put “.html” after the name, it makes a HTML document.

Does this work for CSS (.css)?

And JavaScript (.javascript), jQuery (.jquery), Python (doesn’t seem to work), etc.?


Hi, you got HTML and CSS correct …

Javascript is - .js
jQuery - .js
HTML - .html
PHP - . php
Python - .py


Uh… how will it tell with 2 .js’?

EDIT: Will tell depending by the code?


jQuery Is a Javascript library…
Yeah and remember you use document .ready in jQuery :slight_smile:


.ready? What does that mean?
(I’m only learned some of HTML & CSS)


Okay don’t worry about it now when you learn jQuery you will understand…

jQuery will only run if you have it :slight_smile:


What .?? is for Ruby


Ruby is .rb  


Does it tell which is which?


jQuery IS Javascript. jQuery is just a group of special functions that you use, that are defined in the jQuery file that you link from the internet.


Ok, guess it’s like HTML & CSS


And .rbw :]