I Was a Hopeless Front-End Amateur, But Then THIS Happened! You Won't Believe My 12-Hour Desperation Makeover! 😱

  • The process of constructing this site was just the right amount of challenging and enjoyable. Feel like I became a lot more knowledgable in front-end development.
  • I estimate that it took me ~12 hours. Ran into some formatting problems that stumped me for awhile but ultimately learned a lot from them.
  • Here’s my domain that I am hosting on NameCheap. The domain seems to be updating lethargically (if you know a way around this, please let me know), so if it looks all jumbled, please check out my repository on GitHub.

Very happy with how it turned out. I will be adding more projects soon and I already have the CSS set up for easy implementation. I would also love to add another page dedicated to photography and other hobbies. It would have potential to showcase more interactivity. Anyways, I would love some criticism and suggests to my site. Thank you for your time.

Glad my chat-gpt generated clickbait title worked.


Excelente diseño Kyle!
La organización de las secciones, la paleta de colores y el menú en modo responsivo están geniales.
Lo único en apariencia que corregiría es el color de " I build things for the web and I love what I do." porque no parece tener el mejor contraste, y esto podría afectar la accesibilidad de algunas personas usuarias, tanto el modo claro como oscuro en modo telefono, pero también en el modo oscuro en modo escritorio.
Felicidades por su graduación!
Espero ver más de sus proyectos en el futuro.

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Thank you! I appreciate the insight! After taking another look I totally agree with you, it is kinda tough on the eyes.

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Great portfolio site! I really like the options for light and dark! Also a cool and unique looking design overall.

Maybe you could look at the header of the page on tablet/mobile views? The text is slightly difficult to read when it starts to run into the background image … but that isn’t a huge deal. There is also a lot of white space under the header on the mobile site. Other than that, I love it! Great work!

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