I want you to help me answer this question

How this question, I have made reference to the answer, the correct answer can not pass, so I am very worried; (my English is poor and this is the level of translation software translation could see you do not quite understand,
这道题如何通过 ,我已经参照了答案 ,正确的答案也无法通过 , 这样我很苦恼;(我英文水平和差 这是翻译软件翻译的 你们可能看不太明白 , 要是有会中文的就好了 求解答 求帮助:yum:enter link description here

You have gone ahead of the Instructions. Just do the first step, get it to turn green then move on to the next step.

Thank you! I have passed. thank you very much

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