I want to start programming. What do I need?


So I’ve started some of the python lessons here, but now I want to keep applying what I have learned. What do I need/what are the best things to download so I can begin programming my own things in python? I’m running a Windows 10 OS on a Surface Pro 3.



there are two options:

text-editor (atom for example) + installing python manually

or you could use an IDE (like pycharm) which i think will take care of everything (rich editor with python included)


as @stetim94 said or actually wrote, but you can also use notepad as a text editor


i do hope you the mean notepad++, using notepad would kill your productivity. But i said text-editor, but preferable something made for programming, but atom is just an example


yes, I meant notepad++


yes, you can use notepad++, but I would recommend python as a starting point, as it simple to understand and remember so you can easily memorise it at almost anytime.


Use Brackets, it’s a pretty good editor except it’s a bit laggy for me.
It has some good highlighting and stuff, so I would recommend it!
And also learn Python, it’s an excellent language for beginners like you.


You can use IDLE, the Python Editor. You can learn it in other sites, and apply it like Sololearn.com