I want to practice writing Java - Where can i do this?


Just started this - I really want to have a program where i can just practice and repeat lines ive learnt in the lessons. I’ve downloaded VS, and im struggling with it to be honest. Code is exactly the same as the one i use in CA, but it wont work. I feel like i may of installed something wrong as it was a pretty awkward download.

Is there any simpler solutions to get started with to just write and run code?

“Cannot find a class with the main method” is one error im getting… but my main is identical to what i had on CA…

I really just want to be able to practice. Any pointers anyone?


Highly recommend following some tutorial at setting up java locally, if you want to learn it well.
The reasons for this is that you’ll be able to debug with a debugger (something that you need a lot, and the earlier you do it the better). And just have a better holistic experience all over.


Thanks very much for this. Yeah, I’m actually really loving this. The fact I can just go hang out in the living room and practice coding whilst relaxing in the evening is awesome!
Definitely, even learning these super simple begining concepts I just couldn’t get away from thinking “I really need to be able to just mess around with this to practice” Ended up using IntelliJIDEA IDE , Which to me seems to run really nice and works exactly as I expect for now! Actually ended hitting a lesson on the installation - the video was outdated but still managed to sort it, so I’m all good for now.

Thanks :slightly_smiling_face:

Consider using an online code editor like Repl.it or CodePen for a simpler start. These platforms eliminate the need for local installations and let you write, practice, and run code directly in your web browser. They are user-friendly and can help you focus on coding without setup complexities.

If you’re looking for a simpler setup to practice coding, consider using platforms like Repl.it, CodePen, or Jupyter Notebooks. These online editors eliminate the need for local installations and offer a hassle-free environment for practicing and repeating lines you’ve learned in lessons. They’re user-friendly and don’t require the configuration that might be causing issues in VS.

That’s great, thanks a lot. I actually installed IntelliJIDEA, and it seems to work flawlessly at the moment. Very helpful community!

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