I want to make an e-commerce website

Html rookie
I am currently learning to use html + Bootstrap to build a website, and I came across an e-commerce website www.diykepcap.com. I want to create this effect. What do I need? What can be achieved quickly? :rofl:

Hi, link is not working.

If you want to make an e-cemmerce website, you need to read a bit about ux design in order to make this website effective. Also look at projects on dribbble and behance to get references and inspiration.

From a technical perspective pay attention to adaptability and media queries. If you want to just recreate the appearance of it, you can copy and adapt the site you like with the needed tweaks here and there.

Actually, there is Wordpress with tons of ready and customizable solutions and payment systems. Or you can make a simple page only with HTML and CSS and leave you contacts so that person could push a button and call you from the website or even just your phone number directly for a start.

To say the truth, as I see it, an e-commerce website is not a simple task. It requires at least HTML + CSS + JS if you want to make it by your own means without utilizing ready-made solutions.