I want to make a change in the code


i want that only push the menu and the icon, not the background image of the jumbotron, can i do that?? i have tried this
var main = function(){
$('.icon-menu').click(function() {

$('.icon-close').click(function() {


targeting the icon-menu class, only move the menu upper the background and don't show the menu letters and the icon


Hi ernesto,

Is your code not working? You've told us what you want it to do, but not what's happening or anything.


HI zystvan,

My code is working, i just wanna know if there is anyway that i can do what i posted, because i just end the excersise and were play around with it.


@megarockstar40938 If you go to the full preview mode, you should be able to play with the result of your code.