I want to learn python, but i think i am too dumb for it

so i know that python is one of the easiest languages to learn and seeing that i am strugling with the easiest language to use is really making me feel dumb, i want to make a chatbot one that is not scripted, but i am struggling making a coffee shop bot, is this normal?


Totally normal. It takes time to learn a language, and everyone’s time to get baseline concepts varies greatly.

Often the common key is consistent practice. It can be 20-30 minutes a day. If it’s honest, thoughtful practice, over time you will find you have a base of knowledge that you can act upon.

I often think of it like gardening or farming in the sense that from one day to the next, it’s hard at first to appreciate the progress made. But an experienced gardener knows that setting the right foundations and doing the daily upkeep goes a long way to creating something that lasts over time.


thank you, i am just worried cause i have been like this for a month and a half and i only have 3 months to learn python on codecademy cause they were giving away pro so i want to learn as much as possible cause i dont want to miss out on the 3 months pro, and i want to create an ai

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Yea don’t rush it. There’s plenty of (free) material out there after you’ve done pro so don’t feel like there’s a time limit.

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thanks bro, i really appreciate your feedback

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Your surely not dumb.Everyone can learn a language if they try enough.
I hope you do it.


If you wanna learn coding then you need to understand two thing, Computer Logic and Computer Grammar.

Computer Logic is like “Start Program > Read Declaration > First Question > First Answer > Is Job Completed? > Yes = Done, No = Repeat.”

Computer Grammar is like how you speak, but instead talk to people, we talk via keyboard. (Like when trying to arrange this messages in my brain with English.)
To speed up your Computer Grammar, try to speak up or maybe humming it, it’s will be easier than remembering every word on dictionary.

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No one’s ‘‘too dumb’’ for anything. I’m even trying to learn French and I’m already improving in it.

Yea for sure bro! Don’t worry and don’t be shy to retake some exercises!
I’m currently learning C# and some parts are really hard so i retake them a few times to understand it and also read out loud so you can hear yourself.

I’m getting the hang of the basics and I think I’m good at them like I can make a simple text-based game or a scripted bot, but nothing more, it makes me feel bad when I can understand something and my 3 months are almost over

thanks mate, i just have low self-esteem

yeah maybe it has to do with me reading fast cause i only have 3 months pro, and i have been trying to learn python as quick as i can

I’m 45 days straight into the Comp Sci path coding from 1 to 8 hours a day and I’m on my fourth reset. Learning anything takes time and I’m often extremely frustrated but I’ve rebooted my career at least four times and each time the first year is very difficult but after that it get’s easier. My current goal is to code everyday until I feel i got it. I’m thinking two to three years. LOL

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■■■■ you are really dedicated I get frustrated easily too I’ve taken a break for a while now

Now I’m up to 63 days, the things with learning is not to let your expectations overwhelm the reality of the situation. It takes time to learn and we all learn at different paces. I think the key is to be patient with yourself. There is no rush.

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GASP, how dare you think that you are dumb?! There is no such thing as a dumb person (unless you are me who has no common sense…)
I am also trying to learn python, I’m only 5% into it and it already seems challenging, but that is the thing. Programming is meant to be more difficult than other things! Programming is incredibly complicated at times, but that doesn’t mean it won’t get easier. There will be hard times, but that is just how it goes. Somewhere along the line you have your low point, possibly multiple times, but it will get better. Even if Python is “the easiest language” that doesn’t mean it will be easy. Riding a bike is easier than driving a car, but you still fall down right? It just takes time. Don’t let a few shadows block out the light of your goal, just keep pushing forward and you’ll get it, I believe in you!

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@neuralnitrous5359670 XD i agree that coding is difficult i’ve been doing it for around 3-4 years and i still don’t get it

just not on this app