I want to learn JavaScript but I can only learn the basics. Please send me links to sites that have interactive courses to learn the entiredy of JavaScript

The title was self explanatory. I just need to learn JavaScript as fast as possible. I am learning to make game.

Hey @michealgossar, welcome to the forums!

I’m sorry, but making games with JavaScript (at least advanced games) will take many months of coding to learn JavaScript. I would recommend taking your time and learning everything in the Introduction to JavaScript course. This will give you the basics of JS and will give you a start on learning the advanced stuff. After that, and only after that, would I recommend starting to do advanced JS.

Hello michealgossar,

It really helps to do all of the projects on Codeacdemy. This will give you insight on different methods used to program cool fluent games and GUI. Maybe you can try to use the HTML5 canvas element, but it is recommendent to first complete some tutorials in JavaScript and HTML.