I want to help people make their own websites

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Hi , i’m working on a website for talented people like programmers ,can you help me by answering a few questions ?

hai I want to develop a dynamic website but i am confused in which language i make it .somebody say that developed in java language .Java because java is more secure than javascript .my problme is that i am not expert in java so plesae suggest me and help me what to do ?

It really depends on what kind of website you want to make. If its just a one page site you are fine with html, css and javascript.

If you would like a webshop on the other hand, you would also need php and maybe a framework to make things eassyer.

Furthermore i would advise to use the tools you already have. If you do not know java its probably not worth learning it for just a single website. This website could probably also be made with another language.

If you want to save some time you always want to draw out what you want before starting/thinking about programming.

Agree, but the list of languages and frameworks for this project is quite massive (in no particular order):

golang (+ framework)
php (+ framework )
python + framework
ruby + framework
nodeJS (+ typescript)
java + framework (spring comes to mind)

and html, css and JS is a must for front-end

Thanks for this information! I’m appreciate