I want to build an android app, where should I start?

I have an idea for an app, so I started learning Javascript, then Java, and HTML & CSS. I also downloaded Android Studio and started the tutorials from the android dev website, but I only understand about 5% of what I’m doing! I got a super basic app thing running on my phone, but like I said, there’s so many things I don’t understand and I’m just wondering what things I should learn first before diving into building something.

You will have to find tutorials (of which there should be plenty on the internet), and write a lot of code. Practices makes perfect. Just rebuild your very basic app, but try to find background information on all the things you did

Building an Android app must know a good amount of two major skills: Java and Android. Java these points are used in Android app development like classes, interfaces, the way objects interact, types of variables, etc.