I want the unlisted links of the Web Development Course

Hi there Codecademy users, I’m currently enrolled in Web Development career on Codecademy and its going pretty good, but its harder to read than to watch videos, at the end of most of the sections there would be a link to a video that explains every lesson in this section, but since they are unlisted from the youtube channel’s playlists, i can’t access them whenever i want to. So it would really help me a lot if i got the links instead of the lessons, i would watch them and study the concepts and finish the sections more easily, thanks :sparkling_heart:

Hi - welcome to the forums!

I imagine that the videos are unlisted from the YouTube channel/playlists for a very good reason; specifically, so that people who aren’t Pro subscribers cannot simply search for and consume what ought to be “paid-for” content for free.

I don’t know, as I am not myself a Pro subscriber, whether there’s a way to “jump ahead” to the video so you can watch it before attempting the lesson or whether it’s accessible through another means from the LE. I will see if I can find anything out, and if so will come back and let you know. :slight_smile:

@ianmunrobot confirm this is actually an issue with our use of YouTube, not the course?

Hang tight @jake.a.watson and @thepitycoder, working on an answer.


If there is a link for an article that includes all the links and be accessed by Pro members only, i’d be happy with that because i’m a Pro member, i didn’t know people on Codecademy forums might not be Pro Members, sorry :smile:, Thanks though :sparkling_heart:


Unless I’m missing something fundamental, I don’t think it’s an issue with YouTube (or CC using it). Seems more like the YouTube video appears at the end of the material in the LE, where perhaps some - like the OP - might find it more helpful up front. :slight_smile:

No need to apologise. :slight_smile:

The forums are a mixture of people who are consuming the free content, as well as those who are consuming the paid-for Pro material. There are also some people, like @alyssavigil, who work for Codecademy and can help with the tricky questions that people like me can’t answer. :slight_smile:

Generally, though, we try and help where we can - even if we can’t see the Pro material. :smiley:


Thank you so much @alyssavigil @thepitycoder
I really appreciate it :sparkling_heart:

ok @jake.a.watson I got the following from a curriculum developer on our team:

I hope that it somewhat helpful!

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