I typed wrong command in the terminal, now I have a > prompt instead of $


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Basic GIT workflow: 6. Git Diff

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I accidentally typed the new text (Dumblediff: I should’ve known you would be here, Professor McGonagit.) into the terminal box (right half of the screen). Now I no longer have the $ prompt, but >. Now none of my new commands are recognized. It seems I’m not in a command-line mode anymore and I’m just typing text into the terminal. What do I do?

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Try typing in q :slight_smile:

Like so?

You’ve got a quote in there, add another to close it, like in the screenshot. Or Ctrl+c which cancels what you are typing and gets you a new prompt (might not want to run the command). Ctrl+z would suspend most other things if you’re running some program, bringing you back to bash.

I ended up starting over since I was close to the start of the lesson anyway. But I think I just had an open quote. Thanks.

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