I typed exactly the same thing in the instruction but it's still an error, please help!



It says in the instruction:
In the editor, set the variables:

sum equal to 13 + 379
product equal to 923 * 15
quotient equal to 13209 / 17

I typed the exact same thing and it shows Oops, try again. It looks like the variable quotient isn't quite right. Did you set it equal to 13209 / 17, and did you use the / sign to do it?

What did I do wrong?


So the variables then are going to be, sum, product, and quotient.

That will take three statements:

sum = ___ + ___

and so on.

Checking the instructions, we are not expected to puts or print anything to the console. We do see the last result echoed to the console but that is not our doing.