I type the correct code, but I continue to get error messages


I type in the correct code, but I continue to get error messages. For example: "cake".length;
The spelling is correct, quotation mark placement, etc.
I decided to copied code from the forum page; then I pasted it on my work sheet. I submitted the my answer, and it was correct. What is going on?


You need to give us more information. What code did you type? What error did you get?



  1. I do not have any spaces between the characters
  2. In order to correctly enter the code, I have to copy from an example from the tutorial or the Q & A forum.
  3. I tried using Chrome and Firefox.
  4. I also tried typing the commands in notepad and then pasting it to the tutorial.
  5. This seems to be occurring whenever I have to use quotes for a command.

Thank you for your time.


Take a look at your spelling of length.


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